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Jun 13, 2012

Wash Your Clothes Less and Save Money

These days we've become such a culture of over-cleanliness. Yes over-cleanliness. There is a point to where being clean is just obsessive and actually bad for you. We NEED certain bacteria to function in high health. Our need for constant clean is killing the good bacteria. Not only are we losing these beneficial strains of bacteria but we are also creating new strains of superbug bacteria with our incessant overuse of antibacterial cleaners and antibacterial drugs. Let's take a step back and chill out.

Your clothes do not need to be washed after a singular day of wearing. This is of course unless you have massive new stains or sweat a lot in them. The average person does not dirty their clothes enough to warrant washing them after each wear. They simply aren't dirty enough. Let's look at the positives hear. 

What are the positive effects of not washing your clothes after each wear?

- More money saved in not wasting:
  • the many gallons of water to fill the washing machine

  • the electricity in having to USE the washing machine and dryer (only use dryer if it's not possible to dry outside anyway!)

  • the detergents and other harsh unnecessary cleaners typically used.

- Better quality of your clothes

  • Colorful shirts will tend to fade after many wash cycles. Do it less often.

  • Jeans, especially, start to fade after many washes.

How often should I wash my clothes then?

  • Underwear and socks are up to you. I still would wear them more than once without washing.

  • I wear my shirts around 3 times before washing, but you could choose more or less. They never really get that dirty.

  • Jeans and pants could be worn for weeks without washing. In fact, it's preferred to let jeans be worn for a few weeks in between washes. It saves the integrity of the fabrics and thus saves you from having to purchase new clothing as well. 
Use your best discretion and try it out for yourself. We've ingrained these 'clean ideas' into our culture when things weren't even dirty. I can assure you that washing your clothes less often is not a dirty thing to do nor are your clothes that dirty after wearing them once. Let's put some common sense into how we're using our resources. Then maybe we can truly realize where our paycheck is headed to each month.