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Nov 29, 2011

This isn't Frugal, It's Just Crazy

I've heard many people who share this exact sentiment. They believe that frugality is simply being cheap, and that there is no real benefit to doing the tips and tricks withing the frugal realm just to save a dime. Unfortunately for them, frugality and being cheap are two different things. Being frugal means to buy things with quality in mind, while still getting the best price possible. If you didn't, then you would simply be cheap. Being cheap may work in the long run, but lower quality items will breakdown, degrade, and lose it's functionality quicker than a higher quality, yet frugal buy.

When people see these tips they think "What? Save a measly dollar here or there? How is this at all worth it?", and continue to dismiss the frugal mindset. They are woefully missing the point, however.Frugality is a life-style and mindset. Not only that, but it is also a very cumulative and ongoing thing. Sure, if you use one tip and it saves you 5 dollars a year, that's not a whole lot. It's easy to be dismissive and ignore other tips after this. This is where most people who do not adopt a frugal mindset stand. "Really making your own soap? You guys are crazy." We hear it all. Adding these tips together in a cumulative and continuous way, however, can mean a much greater savings. Put 10 tips together, maybe you can 200 dollars a year. Put 10 frugal tips together and maybe you can save $500 or $1000. It's all in how much dedication you are willing to put into this. It will save you money. You will be happier.