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May 10, 2011

Dry Clothes Outside Rather Than In A Machine

For those of us who have colder climates during the winter, our spring and summer seasons are ahead of us yet again. With the season comes the reintroduction of warmer weather into our lives. This is a blessing for us frugal people who love to use the outdoor warmth to our advantage.

A wonderful money saving tip is to forgo the 'Machine Dry' experience during the warmer months of the year. If you're lucky to live in a warmer climate, this is always. "How do I dry clothes outside?" Hang your clothes outdoors on a clothesline, place them on the railings and banisters of your deck, build your own drying rack, or buy a drying rack at a last resort. As long as the laundry is outside in the warmth and sun and not able to fall to the ground, all should be well.

Amazon has a good selection of drying racks that will pay for themselves. 

"Does air drying clothes outside save money?" Yes. it absolutely does. Think of the amount of energy it takes for a 40-60 minutes drying cycle in your dryer. Both gas and electric dryers waste a good amount of energy. A gas dryer still requires electricity to spin the drum of the dryer.

Example: Say you put 5 loads of laundry a week in the dryer for 50 minutes. This will cost around $143 a year with an electric dryer and $80 with a gas dryer.  Imagine if you stopped using your dryer for the spring and summer. Imagine if you stopped using it at all and simply made or bought drying racks for inside during the colder months of the year?

I find that my laundry smells much  fresher, happier, and better when it's dried outside in the fresh air and sun too.

Some may complain that their laundry, specifically their towels, get too crisp and stiff when dried outside. This was addressed in a previous blog post and can be found here.

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