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May 5, 2011

Drying Clothes Outside - How to Make Towels Less Stiff

Many of the more experienced "frugalites" know that drying your clothes outside or on an indoor rack can help save money immensely by forgoing the route of drying laundry in the typical electric or gas dryer. It obviously uses electricity, so why bother when you dry clothes outside or on a rack for free? It will save you heaps of money.

Many have noted, however, that drying their laundry outside may harden up the fabric and be very uncomfortable to the touch. My own bath towels are so crispy and dry sometimes that I can barely use them when coming out of the shower. There are tips out there to get rid of rough towels and stiff towels and help keep towels soft as well as other clothes that may see this issue.
  • Use less washing powder when you wash it. Most people use way to much and will cause the laundry to being overly dry during a natural dry. This is because it does not completely rinse out during a normal load of laundry.

  • Use a Calgon tablet - Sometimes our water is far too hard, even if we have water softener, and the Limescale and Calcium will harden and stiffen the laundry when air drying outdoors. Using a Calgon tablet could possibly help in softening towels for your enjoyment.

  • Mix in some white distilled vinegar into your laundry load. Not only will the vinegar make your laundry smell better and fresher as well as adding a great stain remover, the vinegar also acts as a fabric softener an will make your clothes softer when drying them outside.

  • Dry the majority of the time outside, and run the towels in the dryer for 5-10 minutes (although this somewhat defeats the purpose of drying them outside for frugal reasons)

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