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Jul 10, 2011

Stop Eating to Save Money

This is quite possibly the greatest and best kept secret in staying frugal and saving money. Not eating. Just stop eating. You don't need to eat. We can survive by taking in energy from the sun and water from the rains! Imagine the money you can save by not eating!

Hopefully by now you don't have to read this line to realize that I am simply procuring a playful jest. Of course we have to eat. Our body would begin to eat away our fat and muscle supply if we didn't. The thing is, people seem to not know how to eat very well these days. Go in any supermarket and look at the items that are advertised and especially advertised on sale. These items are laden with processed food materials, fats, high fructose corn syrup, etc. None of these food items are conducive to a healthy body and mind. Coinciding with this is the health of your wallet and bank account.

Consumers buying processed foods and such will find that it yields little to no benefits besides perhaps quickness and convenience. That boxed Kraft macaroni and cheese takes a lot less time to make than real mac and cheese, right? Who has time to cook anymore? Make time to cook. You'll be happier you did.

In fact, buying such processed and unhealthy foods is one of the most least frugal things you can do. Focus your buying less on processed foods and more on more nutritious and frugally beneficial foods. This is how you can improve:

  1. Keep away from sodas and other sugary or high fructose corn syrup drinks. "Consumption of high-fructose corn syrup in beverages may play a role in the epidemic of obesity." This not only leads to health problems which can cost you dearly but it is a waste of money. Sodas and other drinks with high sugar content and HFCS cost extra as well. You are paying a premium to buy inferior merchandise. Try drinking water, fresh tea, or other healthier drink options.

  2. Keep away from White Bread and other unnatural grains. White bread is probably the least healthy variant of bread out there. It is also the least nutritious. Try whole wheat if at all possible, or even ryes. Brown rice is healthier than eating white rice.

  3. Eat more vegetables and less junk. Use them in your daily meals from breakfast to dinner. Many of your needed nutrients will come from vegetables so do not leave these out of your diet. The same goes for many varieties of fruit as well.

  4. These tips go especially well for those who use EBT or food stamps. If you have this, it is a good idea to buy items that will benefit you nutritionally. I've seen people buying the most refined and processed foods a store can sell, along with sodas, sugary soft drinks, ice cream, pastries, etc. Sure these are good, but when you are given a limited amount of money to eat, you should really consider eating more nutritiously.

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