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Jul 11, 2011

Ditch Cable and Movies for Cheaper Alternatives

Unless you're stealing cable from a neighbor, you're more than likely paying outrageous amounts of money to watch television. If you live life on the edge, maybe you should steal cable. It will provide you with dual outlets of free entertainment. Stealing and viewing television. Actually, I'm not advocating this at all. Fortunately, there are better methods for obtaining, not free, but cheaper means of home entertainment.

Go back and look at your cable bill for the month. Now multiply that by 12 and you'll have the amount of money you pay per year on cable/satellite television. Now think about the content itself. Laden with advertisements every 8 minutes or so, waning quality programming, sometimes inconvenient times to watch programs, etc. It's really the case of having 500 channels but nothing to watch. There are plenty of reasons to look upon cable and satellite television and be less than impressed. Is this really how you want to be spending your earned money?

Cable companies know they aren't as popular with the public as they once were. Comcast, for example has a low reputation in the eyes of the public and was even rated one of America's worst companies. To boost customer support of the company Comcast has started re-branding their television and internet division as 'Xfinity'. Xfinity is still Comcast.

Instead of wasting your time and money with cable and satellite television ditch these money suckers for cheaper alternatives.

  1. Netflix - Netflix's describes themselves as a company that offers to...
    Watch TV Shows & Movies Online or Streaming to your TV via Wii, Xbox, PS3 & many other devices. For Only $7.99 a month.
    The many other devices also includes your computer, iPod, iPhone, etc., as long as you have an internet connection. Netflix is constantly adding content to their Instant Queue which means you can simply browse and watch without having to wait for a disk to arrive in the mail. If a show or movie is not available on instant queue you can simply send for it to be delivered to your house. Many of your favorite TV shows and movies are in Netflix's database and for 96 dollars a year, it's certainly worth it.  Netflix gains access to new content every week and is constantly expanding its library. As of now Netflix has over 100,000 titles in its library including Futurama, Arrested Development, Lost, etc.

  2. Hulu is an online video service provided free streaming videos of popular and classic television shows as well as documentaries and some full length movies. The huge difference between Hulu and Netflix is that Hulu allows you to watch very recently aired television episodes. Many use Hulu to stay up on Family Guy, 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, Wilfred, The Office, South Park, Parks and Recreation, and much more. Much of the content comes from frontrunner stations such as NBC, Fox, and ABC but include many other station's and network's content as well. Some shows are even available in a 720p HD stream.  It's great for those who want to watch TV but don't want to pay for the cable subscription.

  3. Network TV stations will often upload streaming videos of their licensed content to watch. For those who missed an episode or those without TVs, both major networks ABC, NBC, and FOX offer streaming episodes of certain shows under their programming. Other Networks such as Adult Swim and Comedy Central  offer streaming episodes of many shows under their programming.

  4. If you are more tech savvy or are looking to become such a person, torrenting is always an option if you are willing. You can simply torrent new and old episodes of your favorite TV shows as well as download movies from 1930 to movies currently in theaters. This is a more morally ambiguous way of going about getting entertainment, however I am simply letting you know of the options. It is best to find private torrent trackers where quality and sharing is rewarded. Public trackers such as the Pirate Bay are still available for use.

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