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Jun 3, 2011

Other/Alternative Uses For Soap

Knowing other uses for things around the house can benefit anyone greatly. It guarantees that you are getting the most out of your product that you are buying. The more uses, the better the buy the product was. Soap can be used for much more than just simple shower hygiene.
  • Use soap to un-stuck a zipper that wont budge. 
  • Use soap to thread a needle through tougher fabric. Just rub the needle through soap allowing it to lubricate so sewing becomes easier. 
  • Use it to freshen up a closed space. Put a scented bar of soap in a drawer or luggage for a consistent fresh smell. 
  • Soap can be used to detect potentially dangerous gas leaks. Rub soap along with water along the thoroughfare for gas, probably a pipe, and look for bubbles. 
  • Lubricate screws and nails with soap before use with precious wood. It will prevent the wood from splitting and make it easier to hammer or screw. 
  • Use the bar of soap in certain areas to keep bugs and pests away. The best places for this is gardens, garbage cans, etc. 
  • Use soap to remove stains. Sometimes simply soap can work better than some stain removers on the market. 
  • Remove wallpapers and stickers more easily by using soap to dissolve the glue. 

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