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May 7, 2011

Save Money on Your Printing Jobs

We all know the common joke that once you run out of ink, you might as well buy a new printer. Sometimes, this might as well be the case if you bought a printer cheap enough. Ink is a very expensive commodity when sold by large manufacturers such as HP. However, there is no real reason for the inflated high prices of ink. There are ways to decrease the amount you pay in ink costs.

  • Carefully choose your font and print size when printing multiple documents. Your print size and type of font can greatly influence how much ink you will use, thus how much money you'll end up spending. 


These tests were done on manufacturer default settings with standard 600dpi and tested towards 25 printed pages per week. As you can see, certain fonts can cost A LOT more to use because of the coverage they take up. Arial was used as the default to experiment against. Century Gothic seemed to be the cheapest relative font and Franklin Gothic Medium the most expensive. Next time you head to print your documents, think about the amount of ink you'll be using or saving!

  •  Buy ink at a discounted price and not at big box stores. Ink is not gold, nor is it diamond. It's ink. Printer ink. There is no reason for its over-inflated prices. Use the internet to your advantage to buy discounted printer ink, whether it be 1st party or 3rd party ink. eBay has great deals on printer ink and toner for nearly all printers. Many of the cartridges have been refilled or remanufactured and are sold at much lower prices than stores. eBay also sells kits that allow to inject bulk ink into your printer cartridge. Other sites such as or provide nearly the same service. There are plenty of other companies out there that aim to the same thing.

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