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May 5, 2011

Is Fast Food Really Cheaper?

For one, the quality of a homemade hamburger is going to be much higher than that of a Whopper Jr usually is. It is most usually healthier as well, at the very least it can be healthier if you do it correctly. The nutritional value and overall healthiness of the foods and drinks you consume will end up saving (or costing) you a lot of money in the long run.

The other thing to take in consideration is the lasting effect of the food. I have noticed that when I eat fast food, no matter how much I eat, I will be nearly starving not but a couple hours after eating. Compare this to homemade food, that can suppress my appetite for a greater time.
I could usually eat a homemade $1.50 burger at 2pm and not be hungry for the rest of the day. However, if I consumed a Whopper Jr at 2pm, I'd need another one two hours later and another one the following two hours and so on.
Also, you are probably not going to buy simply a Whopper Jr when you eat fast food. You'll end up spending more on fries and a drink and other things; that's more of a personal control issue but is still relevant to the situation.
You must also consider traveling. It takes a single trip every few weeks to get groceries to make the burgers and fries at home. However, you need to make a special and separate trip for each Whopper Jr that you purchase. This will add up over time and cost you more money.

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