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May 7, 2011

Buy Generic Over-The-Counter and Prescription Drugs

Generic Store Brand Ibuprofen
It should be a well known notion that when buying foods and other items, buying generic and store-brand items are usually always the better route when trying to save money and be frugal. Some people seem to not carry that notion over to when buying their over-the-counter and prescription drugs and medications, however. The thing is, all of thess drugs are the same thing. It doesn't matter whether you buy Tylenol which is brand name Acetaminophen, Prilosec which is brand name Omeprazole, Claritin which is brand name Loratadine, I think you get the point. Brand names always have and probably always will be more expensive than their generic counterparts, and this certainly carries over for drugs and medications. It's almost as if people don't trust generic drugs because there isn't a familiar name to them, however this isn't necessary. A drug is a drug. Just as previously mentioned, Tylenol and Acetaminophen are the same thing. One is brand name, one is generic. One has a higher price, one has a lower price. Why pay the higher price when you don't have to? All major drugs like such still need to be in code and regulation with FDA standards therefore the differences are null.

Claritin D - 30 tablets ~ $20-$25  --- Rite Aid Loratadine 60 Tablets - $3-$8
Motrin IB  - 100 tablets ~ $9 --- Rite Aid Ibuprofen 100 Tablets $5-$6

Prescription costs depend on other factors, but are proven to be lower with using the generic option. Always choose the generic option for drugs.

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