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Apr 30, 2011

Keep Soap Away From the Water Stream

Using bars of soap is generally proven to be the more frugal option, as opposed to using more expensive body washes and other unnecessary items. Unfortunately, bars of soap are left out in the open, unlike the gel from a body wash. Certain shower set-ups have a designated ribbed area for soap to sit on when it is not in use by the person showering.
Unfortunately, many of these showers have shower heads that blast water in the direction of the idle soap. This constant bombardment of water throughout the days of use can degrade and lessen the amount of the soap available much more drastically than that of soap that doesn't get constantly hit with water while the shower is on.
  • Move the soap to an area where such a thing would occur. 
  • If you do and must use body washes, make sure the cap is sealed so if the bottle somehow falls over while no one is around, the body wash stays in the bottle, rather than running down the drain.

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