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Apr 6, 2011

25 Frugal Activities to Do With Little or No Money


Whether you're trying to save money, or you simply don't have much to spend in the first place, there's much to do in the way of fun and frugal activities. Keeping busy doesn't have to be expensive! Whether you are out with your family, friends, or significant other, we can all benefit from having fun while saving money. It is often the most simplest activities that become the most fun.

  1.  Located near a college or university? Check out local listings for any upcoming free events. University campuses aren't only for enrolled students and offer many to do for those in the community, especially for a minimal or free cost. 
  2. Stargaze - Stargazing is an incredible experience no matter what your age. Brush up on your knowledge of the stars and point out constellations and other interstellar beings. Who knows, maybe you can impress someone while you're at it. Try relaxing with some appropriate music while staring at the sky, it can really enhance your experience 
  3. Learn something new - Learn a new instrument, learn to play chess, learn card tricks and how to juggle. Learn a completely new subject too. Find a resource, be it a library or the internet, and learn a new subject. any subject. Expand your mind, every day. 
  4. Visit a museum - Museums are often relatively cheap or even free and can be greatly enjoyed by all ages. Take in a variety of works from different cultures and enjoy yourself. Visit local art galleries as well.
  5. Check the community postings around town - See if there are free events taking place around town. Often you will find free open air concerts taking place, free film showings, etc. 
  6. Write Music - If you're already a musician, you can spend your time writing music. If you are on a date, why not perform for them, or even write a song with them if they are musically inclined as well!
  7. Do you have a desired skill? Teach someone else how to do it! Teach an instrument, how to public speak, how to build a robot, homework help, etc. You may even stand to make some money doing this too!
  8. Rent books or movies from the local library for free to spend your time. 
  9. Explore your local area on foot - You'll be surprised what you can find in your town when you walk around and discover things you never knew existed. Trekking into the woods adds more excitement to this. Depending on your location you can find very interesting things like creeks, abandoned coal mines, caves, etc.
  10. Go geocaching - provided that you have an idea of where to go and how to get there or already own a device for tracking coordinates, try geocaching. Not only is it exciting and fun, but healthy as well from the adding exercise.
  11. Go for a walk/exercise - Get fit while staying frugal and enjoying yourself. Go for a hike, or walk an interesting trail.
  12. Own board games? Play them! There's nothing like a heated game of Scrabble, Pictionary, or Risk!
  13. Have you and your significant other cut each others hair - Sound terrifying? Try it out. My girlfriend and myself have tried this before with the result of great fun. 
  14. Write - Do you enjoy writing? Write songs, short stories, screen-plays, novels, etc. Perhaps you'll tap in to some unknown creativity! 
  15. During the warmer months go to the park and enjoy it's many available free activities. You and your loved one can even have a picnic together in the grass during your trip. 
  16. Swim - Many places have public pools open for free during the summer months. Find a place near you that provides public pool access to swim! Lakes and rivers are also a viable option to swim in!
  17. Discover new music - If you love music and mainstream radio isn't your thing, try services such as Pandora Radio and to help expand your musical knowledge and library. 
  18. Own a bike? Go on a stimulating bike ride! Have no particular destination in mind and enjoy yourseld. 
  19. People watch - Go to a public area and simply watch the actions of others. This is best done with someone else and at locations such as a mall or park. People are simply interesting people and watching them makes them even more the interesting. 
  20. Talk - I mean really talk. These days technology has hampered our abilities and wants of communicating effectively. Have a deep intellectual conversation with your family, friends, or loved one. It can really bring your closer to one another. 
  21. Go to the beach - That is, if it's close. It wouldn't be frugal to make a long and distant trip to the beach. Spend an entire day on the beach!
  22. Go to a flea market - Don't necessarily buy anything, but look around at what all the vendors are selling. Some people sell very interesting and intriguing items. 
  23. Have a campfire - Campires can be enjoyed year round. Sit around the campfire and enjoy each others company. Tell stories, sing songs, and cook over the flames. 
  24. Attend the taping of a television show - Many shows filmed before an audience provide free seating for those who wish to attend. 
  25. Visit a craft store - Look for items that work in creating a fun project whether it's between you, you and your friends, and you and your significant other. Creating creative projects together is very exciting!
What do you do for fun, frugally?

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